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Women managers! Do I select during an interview?




If a man or a woman participates in an interview, the two are not seen equally even if they have the same competences. In retail sector usually women are asked immediately some personal questions (ex. Are you married? Do you have children? Who takes care of your children ? etc.).

When a man and a woman applies for the same job, even if the woman is married or not, even if she has children or not, a questions mark immediately comes in mind of the employer. Because the responsibilities are considered to be more time consuming and the company manages over 300-600 employees, it is supposed that a management position will be more complicated for a woman compared to a man! In order to obtain a management position for this job the woman should emphasize during the interview that she is fully accomplished in family life and is now prepared to dedicate her time mainly for the company. It is not easy. Even if the employer does not express openly his attitude towards women, he thinks like this!



The importance of women in business




Women are meritorious store managers!


From my management experience of 20 years in retail sector I can say that there are professional differences between a man and a woman with equal preparation (if we look only to the professional activity and not if he/she is married, has children, etc.). The woman has a much higher value for the company based on the way in which she sees the business ... a man sees the business as a personal achievement, he often needs to affirm himself as a man through the position that he holds ... a woman has a different perspective; she will often coordinate the company activity with more responsibility for the company than for herself.


In order to have a performant business we should have in mind three very important ingredients:


1. Investment


2. Business market


3. Human resources, that grow along with the company




Statistically, women managers remain in the company for a longer period of time and grow together with the company. The same stability at work place you can see at their employees. Men managers have a different management style; they can leave the company more easily and the employees change jobs frequently. Other differences can be noticed also in the way their professional activity is coordinated. For example, if you go into a store and take a tour, you can wonder if the store manager is male or female. You can give an answer easily if you look at the organization of the store. Usually if the store is very well organized and clean the director is a woman.